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for Casio LK-73, LK-43 AC Adapter Replacement {1}
for Casio LK-73, LK-43 AC Adapter Replacement {1}

for Casio LK-73, LK-43 AC Adapter Replacement

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for Casio LK-73, LK-43 AC Adapter Replacement

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for Casio LK-73, LK-43 AC Adapter Replacement
Input: 100~240V AC  50/60HZ 
Warranty: 1 Year
New & High efficiencyFor Models: WTAD5 AD5 Models: LK35 LK-35 LK70S LK-70S LK73 LK-73 LK90TV LK-90TV LK94TV LK-94TV LK100 LK-100 LK110 LK-110 LK220 LK-220 LK230 LK-230 LK270 LK-270 CA100 CA-100 CA110 CA-110 WK110 WK-110 WK200 WK-200 WK-210 AD5MR AD-5MR AD5UL AD-5ULCTK120 CTK-120 CTK150 CTK-150 CTK401 CTK-401 CTK411 CTK-411 CTK451 CTK-451 CTK471 CTK-471 CTK481 CTK-481 CTK495 CTK-495 CTK496 CTK-496 CTK510 CTK-510 CTK511 CTK-511 CTK519 CTK-519 CTK520L CTK-520L CTK530 CTK-530 CTK533 CTK-533 CTK540 CTK-540 CTK541 CTK-541 CTK551 CTK-551 CTK555L CTK-555L CTK560L CTK-560L CTK571 CTK-571 CTK573 CTK-573 CTK574 CTK-574 CTK591 CTK-591 CTK593 CTK-593 CTK611 CTK-611 CTK620L CTK-620L CTK631 CTK-631 CTK671 CTK-671 CTK691 CTK-691 CTK700 CTK-700 CTK710 CTK-710 CTK720 CTK-720 CTK731 CTK-731 CTK800 CTK-800 CTK810 CTK-810 CTK900 CTK-900 CTK2000 CTK-2000 CTK2100 CTK-2100 CTK3000 CTK-3000 CTK4000 CTK-4000 CT360 CT-360 CT400 CT-400 CT625 CT-625 CT638 CT-638 CT648 CT-648 CT655 CT-655 CT670 CT-670 CT680 CT-680 CT700 CT-700 CT770 CT-770 
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