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NEW iPod PHILIPS Magnavox Cassette Adapter ON SALE NOW! Great for iPhones too! {1}
NEW iPod PHILIPS Magnavox Cassette Adapter ON SALE NOW! Great for iPhones too! {1}

NEW iPod PHILIPS Magnavox Cassette Adapter ON SALE NOW! Great for iPhones too!

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NEW iPod PHILIPS Magnavox Cassette Adapter ON SALE NOW! Great for iPhones too!

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Phlips/Magnavox* iPod Cassette Adapter for Your Car, Truck or Boat! Compatible with: Apple's iPods, all models.
BREAKING NEWS: Best iPod Cassette Adapter Deal on eBay Located!
Compatible with: iPod (1st - 6th generation, iPod mini, iPod Photo, U2 iPod, and even the new iPod Shuffles, as well as the hot new iPod nano and the newest iPod videos, iPhones, and iPod Touch!Our cassette adapter (or cassette adaptor) will rock your world! iPhone 1G requires a 3rd party adapter! No adapter needed for iPhone 3G +. Item No. M62050
Super Hot Item!
TOP-RATED by iLounge!
Brand new in factory-sealed blister card as shown directly below!
NOTE: Magnavox is wholly-owned subsidiary of Philips Electronics, Inc. 
The miniplugs on these units are metal plated to insure maximum signal transfer and resist corrosion. It also plays muchLOUDER and CLEARER than the wireless alternatives.Better signal = better sound.
Let your iPod provide the soundtrack for your travels or daily commute.
Seal yourself in the luxury of the surround sound of your vehicle's audio system and watch as the entirety of the driving public listens only to the sound of their collective blood pressure rising. And talk about perfect gifts!? 8^)
Ahh, never before has a 90 minute bumper-to-bumper commute gone by so blissfully.
Whether your interests run from Metallica to Mantovani, Mozart to Miles Davis, Mary Chapin Carpenterto Madonna, Dave Matthews to Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Death Cab for Cutie, Rhianna,to Mudhoney, this is *the* unit you need.
Listen, there are a lot of junky, cheap, substandard generic adapters offered on eBay, and they're generic for a good reason. No respectable company wants to put their name on substandard product. This is aPhilips/Magnavox adapter. Philips developed and holds the patent on the original cassette shell. They produce some of the finest audio/visual gear in the world. They wouldn't market an inferior product, and we don't play games with silly lowball prices and then spank you on the shipping and handling charges.
STOP! You will not find a better deal on eBay, and to be candid, most of the other adapters offered on eBay are either over-priced or just plain junk. Our adapter is made of high grade components, designed to deliver the maximum clean signal to your tape head, and the silver plating on the tip insures maximum signal transmission while protecting against corrosion. The shell utilizes tightly machined screws and ports to allow for differences among cassette decks. NONE of the competing products offer anything more than a grooved channel for wire relocation, and many don't even offer that much. You've spent some serious cash for your MP3 player, don't hamstring its performance with a cheap adapter that won't provide the service life or quality sound signal of this unit. No kidding, but every time I use this unit in my personal cars I am just blown away by how great my iPod sounds. Infinitely better thanANY FM transmitter and frankly, to my ears it even sounds better than my trunk mounted CD player. Yes, it's that good.
Folks, don't leave your iPods at home. That's cruel and a waste of your investment. Take themwith you on the open road! They were born to travel, and they don't get car sick unless you don't have this adapter to allow them to do what they were designed to do! 8^)
Forget the wireless alternatives, they are too costly and too unreliable in operation. They will never sound better than a weak FM radio station. And if you travel a lot in urban, semi-urban or rural environments, you'll want to throw [email protected]#!&* thing out the window! Wireless units may look good. Sound good? NOT!
Quality audio in your car, truck or boat makes the drive that much more enjoyable.
I recently completed a 5,000 mile road trip and my adapter and iPod kept me smiling the whole way - even when the traffic was bumper-to-bumper I could just crank up the volume andchill!) I could have taken a box full of cassettes or CDs along with me, but with this adapter and my MP3 player, I was traveling light and had hours of my own music for entertainment. Sound quality is sure to surprise and amaze!
Actual unsolicited product testimonial from an eBay buyer of this adapter
original email on file):
Dear Manbytsdog,
I got a chance to try [out your adapter] last night, and I like it a LOT more than the one I've been using. I ordered one from Belkin a while back and got soaked on the price (and their shipping charges)! I wanted theirs because they touted a lifetime guarantee, and I've had shorts develop with the wires on the ones I've used from Radio Shack. I like yours a lot better because the wire sits off center (high) on the cassette case, and doesn't get in the way when the tape is in. Belkins' (and Radio Shack's) units have the wire right smack in the middle, and the tape doesn't seat right. A gentle tug on the wire usually gets it to pop into place, but after a while, the wire gets worn or shorts out. I have an Apple iPod with a Belkin car adapter and cup holder mount. I also have an iTrip (it's an FM transmitter), but it doesn't play anywhere near as loud or as clear as the cassette adapter. Your adapter with their power adapter and mount suits my needs perfectly.
Sincerely, Jim H., NJ
Thanks, Jim! I couldn't agree more!
NOTE: Our adapter is professionally packed, shipped 1st Class USPS Parcel® and packed to insure it arrives on your doorstep as fresh as the day it left the factory. And we ship Mon-Fri, not just when it might be convenient to do so.
Questions? We answer them Monday - Friday, and we're here to earn your business, not take your money and run.
Cassette-shaped Interface inserts into your car's tape deck (compatible with virtually every auto cassette player ever made.) Miniplug inserts into your iPod headphone jack.
Ultra-quiet self-adjusting mechanism reduces mechanical noise on the road and insures optimal distance from the cassette play head. Generous 4-foot cord length provides for lots of placement options. Control the music from theback seat!
Here's a vacation pic of the adapter in my own car. It's cute, huh?
The cord can also be adjusted to exit the right, top or left side just using a screwdriver or coin! Those silver stainless screws seen on the front unscrew to allow you toreposition and secure the cord as needed. Sony's cassette adapter doesn't let you do that! Nor does Belkin's. There's even a slot to position the cord properly for a front-loading cassette. Try it out on your boom box or home stereo!
It also allows you to route the cord out the opposite side so it will work with virtually any cassette deck!The Sony and Belkin car cassette adapters won't let you do that, nor will half a dozen other name brand cassette adapters. Some, including those sold under the Jensen, Discwasher, XM Radio name, and a really cheap no-name generic brand use a channel on the top of the adapter to allow for differences between cassette players. But the cord won't stay put in that channel, the wire gets hot and pinched against the sharp edges of the channel, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Expect that it will either short the wires in no time flat, and/or gum up the works of your pricey cassette player.Thanks, I think I'll pass!
Insert my cassette adapter into virtually any automobile cassette player and your iPod, or any other portable music player with a miniplug output, and you've got your own traveling radio station! Be your own DJ. Your music, your play lists, all commercial-free and no charges for satellite radio. Sounds great, plays through your existing audio head unit, amplifier and speakers, and unlike the wireless versions, nofutzing around with tuning in the right frequency and much better and louder sound quality as a result. Plus, you could buy several of my units forONE of theirs! Moreover, my adapter is a product of Philips/Magnavox Electronics, the folks who patented the cassette shell and who produce some of the most high-quality and respected audio/visual gear in the world.
You bet it's an awesome deal!
Buy yourself a treat and save some serious cash in the process!
Sorry, the pictured iPods are NOT included!!
Shipping ::
Next Day Shipping on Most Orders completed by Paypal!! Shipping is via USPS unless otherwise indicated.
All US buyers receive a ship and delivery confirmation number sent to their PayPal registered e-mail address. Standard shipping is via USPS First Class Mail Parcel®. Please refer to the "Shipping and handling" tab at the top of this page for s/h rates and options.
Expedited shipping via USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail also available at checkout for US buyers! Get your stuff really quick!!
Notes & Stuff ::
Keep a unit in the glove box of all your cars! Buy a bunch! The more you buy, the more you save.Great gift item! Backed by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not happy with the performance of this adapter, simply return within 7 days of receipt in like-new condition with the original packing list and a full refund (less s/h) will be issued.No questions asked.
Your satisfaction is my first objective! Be sure to check out my feedback. This product gets consistently great reviews (check the feedback). Gets daily use in my cars! I don't sell what I don't use and believe in.Any problems at all, contact me ASAP. I'm here to help! . Payment: by PayPal only. You are going to love this!
If you have any questions, please ask them before you bid. Inquiries are always welcome! The cassette adapter (or cassette adaptor) is just a delight in use. True universal fit, unlike the Sony, Belkin and other auto cassette adapters, and the sound quality is justastonishing - you'll wonder why you ever waited to buy one.
My adapter is manufactured by Philips/Magnavox; brand names you know and love. You can find other iPod cassette adapters on eBay - I know, as I own samples of every brand - but you will not find one that offers better sound quality, is more adaptable to different car and truck cassettes, and that represents a better overall value. It's thebomb!, and I wouldn't be using it personally or offering it for sale if it wasn't.
We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and strive to provide the highest level of service and excellence. We love positive feedback and will leave it automatically for everyone that leaves it for us. Please email us with any concerns or issues prior to leaving negative or neutral feedback, as we can only correct issues when we are made aware of them! Positive feedback is left upon receipt of same.
In the rare event of a DOA unit, please contact us for return shipping instructions. In all cases buyer is responsible for all return shipping and associated charges.
If you're hesitating, don't! Great item, great price, you will not regret ordering. You will, however, regret not ordering!
Thank you for visiting my auction!
Buy it now! :)
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